Saturday, September 22, 2007

sorrii Bloggie!!!!

huhuhuhuhu.sorry my dear diary for leaving u too long.i'm sooo busy la laling.busy busy busy. my head is cramped.luckily i'm having a week break.huhuhuhuhuhuhu.k. i'll update u with my current stuffs k.

1. finished my dancing world.had already performed for d merdeka was a success.i did chinese dance n i made a sin for it.haihhhh.regret tp it was my choice mse tu. (*&&**&^%$#@@#%^*%%^**^&%^^&^^)amin......

2. last performance was during d world fest at was a tough decision 2 drag my legs there.i wasnt in d mood of was during d early days of ramadhan n gold coast is hot. it's a hell on could i hve d heart of going.but bcoz of promise, pegila jugakkk.huhlaaa.buhsan.

3. school base experience had place its full stop. i went to Bulimba State School for 3 Wednesdays. it was a vry great experience 2 get 2 knw d school,teachers n stdnts of Bulimba.those kiddos were so adorable as they treated me well.i was about 2 cry on my last day in Bulimba since d children tagged on me of not letting me much i love them n wish that i can go there again.

4. heavy workloads. Assgmt!!!how can u do that 2 me?why is dat u alwys bugging on me to stick on u?i hate u hate u hate u!!!!hahhahahah.luckily i'm done with some of u.i'm taking my rest for a week n make sure u're not gonna hit me up.beg u beg u beg u.puhlizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz~~~!!!! =p

5.having fun with Jungmin(my latest friend frm Korea)....Jungmin is my tutormate in Storytelling class n we've built up a very good rltnshp so far.she alwys drop by at my place n eat tgther.chatting till late evening.sharing facts bout many thngs.we cook out.hahahhahahahah.d meeting of 2 crazy girls alwys invite d eyes frm others.wink2 ;p

6. it's far i'm doing fine with my fasting.but i havent went 2 any tarawih.i'm so fully occupied.luckily 2day i'm in holiday.a week break for mid i'm thnkg of joining d tarawih starting frm 2day,isyaAllah.gonna ask my other friends 2 come along.amin.... =)