Saturday, August 18, 2007

2weeks of happiness and sadness

d whole 2 weeks since my last post has witnessed a scroll chapter of my life event. there're so many thngs that i would like to write. n if i'm goin 2 write evry single thng that had happened along the previous days, it might take me hours n pages to pour d entire story. from d outer space, here are what i've been enduring lately.
1. BBQ.... attended 2 bbq party. d 1st one was organized by MYSA (Malaysian Students Association of QUT), n d 2nd bbq was in my frens' new apartment. after finished filling d empty compartments in everybody melodious stomach, we spent d nite up until 2am watching malay ghost story, "Jangan Pandang Belakang". hey i knw we were lagged far behind regarding dat movie, but at least we did watch ok. n hell, it was not freaking scary pun.klaka yela.heroin amik tepi jln ke ape.nmpk sgt la x reti blakon. tgk trailer kemain lg cmbest.haihhhhh~~!!so far d only malay movies dat i like: Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam 1 + 2, Sepet, Gubra, Spinning Gasing, Gol & Gincu =)

2. Ballet: Alice in Wonderland...
I went to watch a very beautiful ballet of Alice in Wonderland n it was my first time watching real ballet show with my own eyes. however, the sadness part of dat day was: my friends n i were late to the show coz we did our shopping till d late evening n had insufficient time 2 prepare for d show. we were lost in d opera building. we went to d wrong entrance n when we arrived at the right entrance, the door had already closed n we had 2 wait until d transaction hour. so we watched d first few minutes of d show frm the television in front of d entrance.haihhhhhhhhhhhh.i was so dissapointed that time but couldnt blame anyone coz it was our own mistake. Luckily, we managed to sneak inside the theater room after few minutes later n were enjoying d show to d fullest. i can stil remember d fairness movements frm all d characters n how gentle they were on d stage. it was so impressive to see a fairytale story of young children being presented in ballet n how good they were to send d message of d story n to plot d storyline just by using gestures. unfortunately, i can just remember all d pleasant moment of d day with my delicate mind coz we were not allowed to record or take pictures during the show. now, i'm really looking forward if there'll b another good play or ballet to b watched. we hve another play coming soon which is on diz coming wednesday. it's a good news since the price ticket is affordable, yet i hve class for d whole day n i will not b able 2 present myself for d play.sigh~~!!

3. Dance performance for EKKA.
d day dat we've been waiting for had finally hit d date n we were so excited to perform for d big day of Queensland. EKKA is actually a showground like funfair that we always have back in Malaysia. It is an annual event for Queensland whereby there'll b a lot of amusement rides n games such as ferris wheel, merry go round, cyclone, n many other games dat u can play n win lots of soft n hard toys. there're also a lot of exhibition n poromotion of good stuffs. u can get lotsa showbags n goodie bags with variety of stuffs inside with just a very cheap purchasing price.
d dance performance was a success n we received a lot of insipiring compliments frm d audiences. btw, the performance was not only our traditional malay dances, but we worked out the whole performance with other Malaysian stdnts frm other uni as they performed silat n Sumazau dance. we went up d stage as Malaysians to promote our Merdeka Festival which will b held nxt month.

4. Last few days, for 4 days straight i didnt get internet access in my room n it was all bcoz of Unilodge has changed the internet provider from E-Cable to Allegro. during the transaction process, when the crew of Allegro did their work in this building, i was online n it affected my cmputer system. Tracy (Allegro technician) said to me that it's all bcoz of my NIC which i had to reinstall it back. so i asked my friend to do it for me n it worked after that. i can connect to the internet by using d network cable but it was in my friend's room. note that that time my floor wasnt hve internet cnnection coz they were still working on it. then on the 4th day, i still couldnt get through it so i asked d guy in frnt of my room to help me out. yet it still not working. then now i hve already got d connection but it's wi-fi. i'm using wireless connected to my friend's room next door n thnks God that he has router. but why cant i use d cable network n plug it into my room's internet port?Tracy said that it's NIC dat shall be reinstall but i've already reformat my lptop so supposedly the NIC is reinstalled too. or...i'm thinking it wrongly?huaaaa. hve no idea. i admit dat i'm silly. stupid n lumpy when it comes to technology.haihhhhhhh...
but tell u what, i really cant live without internet n d previous days without internet were d most empty moment i have in life. it was so lonely to live alone n hve no korean movies or gol n gincu in youtube 2 chill my day out. u'll encounter swing mood when internet is out n burst into tears when u cant hold it. it's like u've been dumped in a cold planet far from d earth, alone n lose ur touch with the real world. huaaaaaaaaa.............