Monday, August 6, 2007

! lOvE for...forever... no~~it's no more =)

Life has been so wonderful. Thanks 2 d Almighty, i'm glad to be blessed by Him with all d utter contentment in d world. Half of diz Monday has passed by the clock n i've just finished my Science class n lunch. Definitely, i'm writing this on behalf of fullfilling my time of not having a noon nap. i hate sleeping with d presence of d sun. Sitting here looking at my lappy with d view of Brisbane River right in front of me through the clear glass of my window really makes me feel at ease. Tons of workloads are waiting 2 b done yet i'm taking a breathe n picking up d right mood to start my works. hahahha. picking up d right mood to start my works? will i? yea i will after i finish my blogging hour.

Let me update u guys (i knw there's nobody reading my blog since i keep diz url for secret, yet few hearts knw) with what had happened for these past few days. I got my surpirse party which had been combined tgether with Jannah's birthday. Hey, even it was not on my real b-day,still i'm happy for dat coz i knw we were in our respective hometowns when my bday stroke d date. so we didnt celebrated it.yet i did get wishes n prizes on my real bday last january.thnks guys.i love u all.muahhhss.hehhehe. n d 2nd event was d MYSA bbq party. all d malaysian stdnts of QUT gathered tgether in d party n i really enjoyed d bbq as i participated in few games with my team. hahahahahah. n hey!! in one of d games, i had been scolded as d penalty whereby i had 2 say an honest compliment to d person of an opposite sex.aiyokkkkkkkk.seyes malu!!!plus, i couldnt find any handsome guy to b honest, so i just grabbed 1 of my frens.huhuhuhuhuhu.sorilaaaaa.seyesly i was not being honest with dat compliment "*** u'r sooo handsome".wahahahahhahahah. =p

hurmmm..k..being alone in my own room with d greatest view of Brisbane in front of my eyes, without any melody of a song, makes me wonder of what have i been through in d whole journey of my life. LOVE. hahaha. i used 2 b in love. even for only once, but i knw how does it feel when love strike d mind n heart. eyes r captured only if it's just d silhouette of ur loved one, nose can even detect it without any smell surrounding d air n mouth will automatically draw d sweetest smile u've ever had.

i'm alwys wonder, how can some people have been committing themselves in several love chapters? dont they feel awkward saying it (I LOVE YOU) again to a different person? in my case, i alwys believe in one true love. i knw dat i'm being stupid by holding this ideology. some may says that i'm just trying to be decent n innocent, but sincerely, that is my personal thought which i believe... "love can only come once, and it will only b him from d start until d end"...BUT hey!! dun tke my words wrongly k. it doesnt mean dat i still longing for my ex. he is now d other story.

i know that i'd failed in my first chapter of the love life. i knw dat i cant turn bck time and mke it a success. my love story is not the issue here. it was an issue, but it is not an issue. i am now happy by being single. but hurmm... for this time being, i can feel that i dun really believe in love. i knw there're many says which acknowledge love as d most beautiful element in life which worth u everythng. in my case, i can only value d love frm my family n frens, but not frm a guy which i can bring him up as my life partner. narrowing it down to d scope of love frm a life partner, i can say that so far.. i dun open up my heart to anybody yet. i prefer to stay as what i am today. i prefer it to be this way. it's hard for a girl named Fathiah to fall in love. Reflecting d previous chapter, it took me quite a long while before i fell. It's not easy to love sumone ok. I'll think again of the sentence "I LOVE YOU" when i find sumone who is right for me. When? Maybe in few years time. With whom? Only time will tell. What about my ideology? sigh..maybe i need another principle to be applied in my life.heheh. Pen off...byebye.. =)