Wednesday, August 1, 2007

the IGNORANT me ;=

the clock is ticking n d time is running. my eyes are falling n my head is swirling. shoot~~ i feel dizzy. i'm tired n damn sleepy. i started my 1st of August 2007 with a vry long yawn in d morning as i had 2 wake up early n attended my TESOL class with Erika Happle. i dragged my empty head 2 d class as i didnt do my readings. goshhhhhh~~!!it was bcoz of last nite. ida, sue, jan n i spent almost 5hrs in sue's room. we were singing like crazy, searching for d low note songs n juggled for the lyrics, copied n pasted them in word with bigger fonts n dragged our butts to d frnt of the lptop.we sang like...hahhahahaha. knw it urselves. sue was planning 2 upload d record in youtube but luckily we didnt. elloooo. if we did dat then we were just making fun of ourselves. but yea..mb in one fine day, when we hve a vry appealing video 2 b shared then we'll publish it.ahahahahahahahah.ok.bck to my 1st August of 2007. da day which witnessed my ignorance of being an empty vessel. hohoohohoho. so today i went 2 d campus dressed in kurung since i'll b seeing rafidah aziz diz afternoon. i only had 1 sandal n 1 heels to b paired with d kurung since my shoes are mostly sport shoes. (note that all my heels n sandals are left in msia n here in brisbane i walk more so sneakers are more appropriate). i didnt want 2 hurt my legs by wearing high heels for half of d day, so i sacrificed my style n became a "makcik kampung" wearing bju kurung n flat i wished dat i had a gold pump 2 b paired with my peach kurung =p

as Erika(my lecturer) asked questions regarding the reading that we were supposed 2 read, ida, sue n i were totally blank. the 3 of us were definitely half dead n we were struggling to scan d book as fast as we can. hahahahahha. it was funny though since we acted like we did read d book. we just picked d sentences which were seen by our glances n just threw d words out as the silly answers. but we managed 2 give some splendid answers. pandai kn kami menggoreng? hahahhahahahah. we are d sifus of menggoreng. tesl stdnts lolllll. n attending classes without being prepared is alwys MY style. but hey no!!! xnak buat lg dah. serik serik serik!! i dun wanna b a fool. if Erika find it out then she must b dissapointed in me. ekekekekkekeke =p

during the 20mins break dat Erika gave us, ida,sue,jan n i went to "Beadles" (one of the cafes in QUT,queensland uni of tech campus of kelvin groove). since we were lack of time, so we ordered only one big bowl of fries n shared it tgether. then we went bck 2 d class which had already started (we were the late comers as usual) n continued the other hour with d same behaviour as before. excellent!! good job!! we successfully finished the 3hrs session with Erika n ready to skip our ICT clas just 2 hve free lunch in Seble x bese je, it's not compulsory 2 attend the class.the slides have already been uploaded in the electronic blackboard of uni website so just read it urself.

we went 2 d Queen Street to wait for Hilmi (ida's bf) to come n pick us up 2 d hotel as we didnt knw where's d Seble Hotel actually is. to mke it short, bfore we entered d ball room of d hotel, our friend azizi told us dat "just go to any table n hve a seat". sue, jan n i was like "what?". but what to do, we had to. ida was fine bcoz she had Hilmi with her. So sue, jan n i went 2 look for d seats n we landed ourselves among these four corporate gentlemen (hahahahha. 3 old white men n 1 old chinese guy). i asked them whether the seats are occupied n can we join them? (waaaa~~i was so malu ok). Luckily they were kind n pleased to hve us joining them. The conversation started with the one of the white men (the manager of MAS management or sth) asked me whether i'm a student or what. the conversation went smooth n everythng was great. Suddenly the waiter came and placed a plate of steak in front of me but hey!! why mine was meat n sue's n jan's were fish? i look around and i saw a lady in hijab was eating the same meat as mine so i thought mb the steak's halal n i took my fork + knife to start filling my empty stomach. suddenly, the chinese guy asked me n PLEASE notice that he spoke in bahasa melayu "halal ke daging tu?" i was like...blur. i'd no idea. then i started 2 hesitate as he asked me that question. then i asked the waiter 2 change my meet to the white cheesy fish. hahahhaha. who knows that the chinese guy was frm malaysia. at the same time jan was whispering at my ear saying dat "jan tkejut giler die tau ckp malay. dah la td kite ade gak ckp malay.musti die phm.waaaaa~~!!). hahahahah. i didnt really mind bcoz we didnt say anythng bad in malay. we were just voicing our embarrassment. so i thnk it was ok after all..

we had some ice cream as the dessert n went to d seminar room to meet rafidah. the whole session was great but ida, sue, jan n i was kinda stunt to hear it bcoz it was all about the recent issues of world's environment. for the Q&A session i imagined it to b a session for us to ask about our allowance or discussing our problems of staying oversea. but it turned out 2 b the other way round as the questions were for instance, "datuk, what do u thnk of the green energy sources?", "datuk, what about the *** (one of the msian organizations for education finance), "datuk, how can the young entrepreneurs involve in d world market n where can they b registered?"...wowwwww. those are some of the questions being thrown n i had been so ignorant having no idea at all of what's going on. perhaps, if i attended the earlier session with datuk mb i knw what are the issues that they were discussing. since we had class n arrived during the lunch hour, so we were lagged bhind without any info. uhuk2. i hate being in a place where i cant understand anythng.

after d speech we had out tea time n straight away after that, we went to MYER (the shopping cmplex few blocks behind my Unilodge). ida bought some makeups n i was trying the shades aka sunglasses. i wanted to buy them but i didnt knw how much did i hve in my streamline. i didnt bring a cash so i had to slice my card if i wanna buy sth. since i didnt knw my balance in streamline, so i walked away n decided to grab the shades later. then we did our window shpping in myer. ida n sue stopped at the cake shop 2 survey the cake's price for jan n i. while waiting for them, i went to this cute teddy shop n i wanted 2 buy a teddy bear. hey!!i dun hve any teddy for the 6mths stay in brisbane. pity me kan? i wanted it n i really wanted it. so ida bring me 2 the atm machine 2 check my balance n it was enough to buy the teddy. hahhahahahah. sukernye!! how much i miss all my soft bed frens in msia.. =,(

d whole day was tiring n now i'm squeezing my brain thinking of any children's story dat i like most when i was a kid. i have 2 tell the story tomorrow in the storytelling class. waaaa~~ n i thnk i'll tell d story of ghost milk. i like d story soooo much when i was young. hahahahaha. k. gtg. byessssss

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

LoVe me Not...

i've just finished watching another korean movie in crunchyroll. n i found that after all, this is the best korean movie i've ever watched. i'd once eyed the acting of Moon Geon-Yeung in "my little bride" n i found dat the movie is so interesting 2 b's hilarious though.n she's sooooo cute.but the reason why i watched her later movie (love me not) was to see d other version of her acting in a gloomy, i wanted 2 create a balance btween watching a comedy n a sad love story.i cant alwys thnk of happiness n leave d other element of life which is sadness, am i?if that's so than my life is definitely incomplete.

ok.back to "love me not".bfore i watch any movie i seldom go 2 find the synopsis of the movie as i prefer to find out the whole journey of the story in my own way.therefore, i had no idea at all of what's d story dat i had been waiting for to finish buffer is all about. at first, i thought that the story is a crime story of godfather or what, as Julian(the hero) came out frm d jail n being waited by his follower.yet, as the story stepped forward, i got d gist of idea that the story is sth to do with the life of Julian as the playboy.he used 2 b d greatest crackerjack of women's heart ever as he gained income from rich women by sleeping with them n got the luxurious payment (he's a gigolo or what??). yet after he'd been throwned into a cell n his popularity as the most well-known host in the firts class club in Seoul had fallen into d bottom part of the earth, his life turned up to b messed up.he got 2 pay a debt of 2.87million(if i'm x mistaken) in one month or else he'll b killed.there's no other way for him 2 get that whole sum of money in one month, which made he came out with the idea of personating himself as his dead best friend who is a blood brother to an heiress of a rich family.

d heroin(Min) had no feeling and admitted that she doesnt need love n it was d same as Julian.both of them had no love in heart.however, slowly they both fall in love n it was love btween a bro n sis.but we can see that Julian started 2 love dat girl earnestly n Min wished 2 hve Julian not as her bro, but as other guy who she can truly like. this movie is not only gud in it's plot n storyline, but also in it's cinematography. the settings of the mvie had been well chosen n the camera technique is high in quality. to me, when i judge a movie it's not only about the storyline, but also about the other aspects which bring up d mvie as a victory of excellent job.

d melancholic ending of diz movie is predicted as there were few ironies being framed. to me, d starting of d movie which started with a funeral ceremony in a snowy field n Min claimed dat evrybody in this world see her with a cold look really implies dat she's tired of living n wish 2 end it as fast as she can.(which mkes her a cold hearted person,cold as d snow does) d end, Julian died bcoz of his debt which he could hve paid (i dont get d idea why didnt he pay it off?but in marketing thnkg,if he paid d debt, then d mvie wont b a sad love story anymore as they might end up happily with Min's success surgey.hahahha.) d ending is sad but it's sweet though as Min can at last see d world as she got her eye sight back.poorly, she killed herself as she desperately wanted 2 see Julian (Julian wrote in his letter that he'll wait for Min until she come 2 where he is). Lastly, in her dream (or should i say that d dream after her death) Min dressed in red n walk happily in snowy forest, heading towards the big tree in the heart of empty snowy field, looking for Julian who had been waiting for her. i can still rmember d dialouge said by Min to Julian "dont lie to me coz i can tell just by listening to ur voice".ahaks.can i apply diz dialouge when i'l b on phne with...?ekekkekekeke.(bf pn xde so jgn nk mimpi).silly me.k.gtg.i hve 2 finish cooking, attend my dance practice n b rite bck 2 start my readings.i hve class 2mrw..6hours straight.damn it~~~ =p